Talking With God

Prayer is the opening of the heart to God as to a...

Death’s Silent Truth

Death tolls from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and other nations throughout the Middle...

20th Jan

The Silent Killer

Naila sat quietly in the waiting room of her doctor’s office. She...

13th Nov

Help! I Can’t Breathe!

A human being can live for several weeks without food. He can...

22nd Dec

The End of the World?

The times that we are living in are unlike any that we’ve...

20th Dec

A Special Time for Worship

Worship is an important part of my life. I want to live...

19th Dec

Beyond Religion

Why do some products have that difficult plastic casing!? You bring home...

19th Dec

An Intelligent Faith

Samia and Maher were two friends with very different beliefs. Samia believed...

19th Dec